Lake Kashagawigamog

Lake Kashagawigamog (KA-SHAG-A-WIG-A-MOG) is one of the largest lakes in the Haliburton area. It gets its name from the Native Anishnaabeg word for “long and winding waters.” Sixteen km long and about one km wide, the lake is a very scenic lake for boat cruising. As well, Lake LongDockKashagawigamog has been used by man for centuries. History states, it was an important passageway for First Nations travelling to traditional hunting grounds and for early European settlers who arrived on the lake in the late 1800s. It was a chosen transportation route for lumber to be delivered south during the early lumbering years. Kashagawigamog Lake and adjoining Canning Lake were also the first waterway links between the villages of Minden and Haliburton before the primary roads were completed in 1868. With the completion of the roads linking this area to southern Ontario, Lake Kashagawigamog became the lake with the oldest cottaging history in the county and the highest development.

Lake Kashagawigamog is a body of water that lies within an area of Ontario known as The Land Between (TLB), a region of distinct ecology, culture, and economy which extends from Georgian Bay to the Kingston area. It is what ecologists call an ecotone – a transition area between two ecoregions: the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Canadian Shield. Consequently, it is home to a diversity of species that are found north and south but also a number of species that rely entirely on the region and are unique to this area.
It is part of a 5 lake chain system. Including Head Lake on which the village of Haliburton is situated, boating is endless and there is boat access from just down the road from Halimar Resort, located at 2483.
Fishing for bass and muskie, and walleye in Lake Kashagawigamog is excellent, some of the best fishing is found here.
Nothing changes in the winter. This lake is one of the best in the area for catching walleye through the ice. Lake Kashagawigamog also has lake trout, with the depth being up to 120 ft some areas of the lake.
Halimar Resort is found in a quiet bay area of the lake in the centre of the 5 lake chain system. Offering the best view of Lake Kashagawigamog from every cottage.